Note: this is a conversation, not a "sit and get" presentation. We will determine the agenda for each day based on the interests and needs of the people who attend. Here are some topics I will can talk about if we need material. Also - we are not assuming ANY level of technology expertise. Everyone is qualified to participate in a conversation!

  1. Web 2.0: a working definition and implications for K-12 educators
  2. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) and you
  3. Blogs (Noun) vs. Blogging (Verb)
  4. 50 Ways to Tell a Digital Story
  5. What is a Personal Learning Network and Why Do I Need one?
  6. Twitter - what it is and why you need to use it
  7. An Introduction to Social Media for K-12 Educators
  8. Global Classroom Collaborations using Skype
  9. What are Wikis?
  10. NJDOE 2009 Core Curriculum Content Standard Revisions Project
  11. NJDOE 2009 CCCS for Technology (and what this means to you) (.pdf)
  12. Discovery Education / United Streaming

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Conversation Starters:

“Goomoodleikiog,” by Leigh Murrell and Heidi Beezley